Bugatti has made an electric car, but it’s not what you think

Bugatti, the company that makes incredible cars like the Chiron, the Veyron, the EB110, the list goes on. This time they’ve decided to branch out to another market. Children’s toys. I bet you weren’t expecting that!

Bugatti has partnered up with a London based company called Little Car Company to make miniature electric Bugatti’s. The 500 cars they were planning to make were all sold out when they were unveiled at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show. However, the coronavirus pandemic has caused some of the buyers to change their minds. This means some of these cars have gone up for sale.

As you probably expected, they aren’t cheap. These little cars called the Bugatti Baby II starts at USD35,000. That’s not a misprint. It’s a newer version of the original Bugatti Baby and is based on the Type 35. Bugatti initially intended to make only one, but the demand was so great, that they decided to make 499 more.

The Baby II comes in three different versions, the base model, the Vitesse and the Pur Sang. The base model has two driving modes, the “novice mode,” which can go up to 12mph while the “expert mode” allows the driver to put the pedal to the metal and get up to the mind-boggling speed of 30mph.

The other versions, the Vitesse and the Pur Sang cost $50,000 and $68,000 respectively, and both come with a Speed Key. When you use this Speed Key, the Baby II can reach up to 42mph and could go from 0-60mph in six seconds, depending on the driver’s weight.

The test driver that drove the Chiron at 300mph, Andy Wallace, helped develop the suspension and, in a statement said: “In its most powerful mode, when you have the ‘Speed Key’ inserted, the Baby II is a very fast car. It’s quite impressive and brilliantly fun.”

You can configure a Bugatti Baby II on

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