Lexus kills most of non-SUV lineup in Europe

Sorry to be the barer of bad news… again

Lexus will stop selling the CT, IS and RC in Europe once the current stock run out. Now the CT, while not a bad car, to the average audience on this site, is about as important as a block of cheese, however it is not good for the other two. The Lexus IS was launched in 1998, and was a brilliant competitor to the BMW 3 series, even being a rebadged Altezza with some nicer engines, it still holds a cult following. Although the second and third generation didn.t have a cult, they were still great cars, The ISF taking a shot at the German rivals, and not being far off. and the RC being a nice coupe, however writing was on the wall for these cars, combined making less then 4,000 sales in Europe over the year so far. Contrast that to the SUV offerings, which past 20,000 sales in Europe combined. Interestingly they chose to keep the LS, Even though it sold less then 60 units, leaving it as a flagship for the line.

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