Haunted Car Washes are now a thing

Haunted Car Washes are now a thing and they actually make quite good sense

With Halloween approaching, a new trend has emerged and it is the Haunted Car Wash. Car wash owners across the globe have transformed their car washes in order to give customers both a clean car and a bit of a Halloween spook.

With the recent rise of infection rates, people across the globe want to be more cautious than ever which is why some may not be particularly comfortable going to a Haunted House which is why these modified car washes exist.

Haunted car wash tunnels are COVID-friendly. You know, nobody’s actually coming to touch you, grab you, or anything.

Mittel Patel, co-owner of Wash Doctor Carwash

Modification process does not really entail too much work as many car washes already feature advanced lighting systems and plus; the biggest scare really comes from the employees that are all dressed in scary outfits.

If Halloween isn’t really your thing then there is no need to worry as, with the majority of these Haunted Car Washes, the spooky version of getting your car washed is only available during ‘haunted car wash hours’.

The best thing about all this is that it is a fraction of the price of a Haunted House so parents, there is no need to worry about your children blowing all of your money on paying people to make them scream…

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