After a lot of heat from the media, SSC have decided to re-run their top speed record attempt

Through a statement made via YouTube, Jerod Shelby announced that SSC will be doing a re-run of the Tuataras top speed record attempt- the first attempt was ruined due to some issues regarding filming and GPS.

The doubts about the Tuatara’s run were originally brought up by automotive YouTuber, Tim Burton (Shmee150). In a YouTube video, Tim stated that the distance the car was travelling did not match up with the speed that SSC were showing on screen. Later on, several other automotive YouTubers conducted their own research and ended up reaching the exact same conclusion as Tim did: something was off about the run.

After watching the video, people across the globe were left nothing short of stunned by Shelby’s honesty and overall kindness about the situation because not at one point did he turn around and say that any of the points made by the media were false.

Shelby even invited several of the YouTubers that put questions forward to SSC, including Shmee150, to view the next record attempt for the Tuatara in person to make sure that it is real. Jerod also wishes for these YouTubers to witness the re-run of the record attempt as he wants them “to tell the world and the car community that they also are in awe over what this car is capable of.”

Several of these influencers have replied to Shelby’s statement through another YouTube video and they were only expressing one thing: gratitude.

Personally, I would absolutely love to see this car succeed and I would love to see it break a record as it would be one of the only smaller automotive companies to break a record of this size and importance.

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