The Bugatti Veyron actually has THREE exhaust pipes!

We’re all aware of the iconic central exhaust on the Veyron but the thing is, it’s rather different to how it appears to be

We all know the Veyron. It’s the car with a 16-litre quad-turbocharged W16 engine that produces 1,001hp but the thing is, in order for the Veyron to reach its 250mph+ top speed, it needs a bit more than just power.

This is why the Veyron is nothing short of an absolute marvel of engineering. Some of the technology and mechanics used in the car literally changed the way that automakers of today think about how they build cars.

In order to go quickly, you need a lot of torque so Bugatti had to look at every spot of the car and think about how they could increase the torque and one of the places where they did this was the exhaust.

That’s right, the Veyron actually has three exhaust pipes except the smaller two are flush with the rear diffuser of the car which is why they are so incredibly difficult to spot.

If, like me, you’re crap at physics, the extra exhausts help to reduce the total wall friction and back pressure which is how the torque increases… whatever the hell that’s supposed to mean.

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