The real reason Bruce Wayne (Batman) drives a Murcielago…

Oh, did you think that he just liked the car?

Batman- he is one of the most iconic superheroes ever created. The film franchise has grossed nearly $5 billion globally and a further $5.3 billion has been grossed by the ongoing DC Extended Universe which Batman also stars in.

Whatever Batman does or owns is instantly cool. Why? Well, I mean, it’s BATMAN! This is why when the producers were choosing a car for the hero to drive, they had to think very carefully as they knew that whatever they ended up using in the film would become an icon… even if it were a Dacia Sandero.

In the end, the team ended up going for a Lamborghini Murcielago. It looked good, sounded good and it was an incredibly fast car but the thing is, those are not the reasons as to why the Murcielago became Batman’s car.

It is actually because the word ‘murcielago’ actually means ‘bat’ in Spanish meaning that it would have been wrong to not have but Batman behind the wheel of a, well, bat.

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