The Cobra is one of the most recognisable and infamous cars to ever be made, and now AC Cars is going to remind the new generation of its proud heritage by launching 12 special cars recreated from the Cobra Le Mans cars.

Made in collaboration with Derby-based Falcon Electric, the new cars will be included with a new motor that will produce 617bhp, and according to the company will also have a bodywork sourced from AC Heritage “using some of (their) original, now decades old technology” which contribute to the production of “automotive and artistic perfection”.

Being limited edition cars, the price of £600,000 does not sound too unreasonable, especially considering the fact that 2 of the cars will bear the number plates ’39 PH’ and ‘645 CGT’: the registration numbers that belonged to the two Cobras raced at the 1963 24 Hours of Le Mans.

I must say, the idea of reviving such an infamous car and putting an electric engine inside is great, although I do think the price is a bit too over-the-top. So, if you are a billionaire who has a Green Party membership card and who likes to hear the sound of the 1960s, feel free to purchase this beauty.

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