Daniel Craig can take any Aston Martin from the factory and keep it… FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE!

As a reward for playing the iconic James Bond character, British actor, Daniel Craig is allowed to take any Aston Martin from the factory!

So far, Daniel Craig has starred in four Bond films (I’m not going to count the upcoming film No Time to Die)- these films have a combined global gross of $3.5 billion which is absolutely insane.

By far, the most prominent automotive manufacturer in the franchise is Aston Martin which is why, even if you see one off-screen, the name ‘James Bond’ instantly comes to mind.

The thing is, Daniel Craig is not only pictured as a man with class and style when he’s on the big screen, in real life, people picture him as the same man they see jumping off buildings and crashing expensive cars.

Aston Martin caught wind of this and they knew that whatever Craig wore, drove or even ate heavily influenced his fans so, in order to encourage him to get behind the wheel of one of their cars, Aston Martin agreed to let Daniel Craig have any Aston Martin from their factory and keep it for the rest of his life.

They may have said that it was a “reward for playing the character” but trust me, it isn’t.

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