Volvo invests in developing in-house electric engines

Volvo has become increasingly dedicated with electrification of their line-up.

Today, the company opened a motor lab in Shanghai, making it the latest addition to a series of global facilities that contribute to the development and testing of components for electric cars. The lab will mainly focus on the development of motors for electric and hybrid cars based on the company’s upcoming SPA 2 architecture.

According to Volvo’s Chief Technology Officer, Henrik Green, in-house design allows the company to “fine-tune (their) e-motors to ever better levels”.

The new scheme by the Swedish car maker – which consists of making significant investments that contribute to the in-house development electric motors – is one of the company’s several steps as it moves closer to becoming a completely electrified car maker.

Volvo states that through these investments, by 2025 all of its sales will be for electric of hybrid cars. The company also plans to continue the policy of electrification in order to become carbon-neutral by 2040, which they hope to attain through tackling of carbon emissions in its manufacturing network, and also through the recycling and reuse of materials.

The plans do sound very ambitious, although based on the economic situation that many of the people around the world are going to go through following the pandemic, I do doubt that there will be many customers who will want to purchase these admittedly expensive cars.

Still, I support the company’s plans and I wish them all the best.


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