What is the coolest EV?

So, simple question, but is it a simple answer?

All my opinions, willing to have discussion on this, please do join in if you wish.

Well lets start with the biggest EV company in the world. Tesla. Tesla make great EVs, but it very much has a problem. Tesla, err, “advocates” are extremely aggressive and will send death threats if you so much as criticize Elon musk or his work. I might put out a rant later, but for now, Tesla fans ruin Tesla, Its like buying a BMW 15 years ago, you get an amazing car, however you are now a BMW driver. Also with how they screw over rebuilt cars and home repairs, they aren’t what you call pro-consumer with right to repair. But what is left.

Now there is Some EV hyper cars, however the hyper car market has been to a degree oversaturated in recent times. every 5 minutes, someone brings out a new car with some new feature, and costs more money then most can afford. Like the New McLaren Elva, its a 720 with the roof lobbed off, they are asking over £1,000,000. The Hyper car segment is boring, barring the new endurance racecars, I do like them.

The small cars, are fine. I like the Nissan leaf, but in the same way I like the normal golf, they are good, got enough character, but they aren’t what you would call stylish, you wouldn’t drive up to the Oscars in one.

In comes the Honda E. It is a beautiful little funky hatchback, nice handling, modern minimalistic looks, quirky screens which you can run a PlayStation on, It is the closest thing to a cool EV. However, it is cool like a Dacia Sandero, its only because we understand it. If you go and ask the first person you meet on the street, they won’t be weak at the knees for one. We need a little more distinctive, faster, more emotional Honda E, We need a Honda E type R.

Those are my thoughts, anyone got any more ideas?

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