The “new car smelll” is actually toxic!

Oh yes, that “new car smell”. It’s something pretty unique and pretty special but it’s actually toxic

In my 14 years of life, I’ve been in quite a few new cars but there is only one instance where I can remember that new car smell purely due to the fact that I was far too young the other times.

I absolutely loved the smell, in fact, I sometimes got into the car with my mum just to get a whiff of that new car smell… yeah, that may sound a bit extreme but trust me; those that have been in new cars know the feeling and know the smell.

The thing is, as gorgeous as it is, that “new car smell” is actually toxic. This is because the scent is composed of over 200 chemical compounds found in vehicles, 50 of which are volatile.

The affect of the “new car smell” can cause headaches, dizziness, allergic reactions and, sometimes, nausea. Moreover, prolonged exposure to the “new car smell” may result in some serious health effects which include cancer- YIKES!

But don’t worry, there is actually a way to solve this. Simply aim to let as much air in the vehicle as possible which basically means; just open your windows.

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